Brahmand Engineers offers the complete new concept, w cost and indigenously developed tool inventory management systems (Brahmand 2.0), which bring discipline to your tool storage and are fully controlled by the our own developed Android Based Inventory App (BE/MS). It satisfies your need through modern, secure and intelligent tool storage and retrieval. Our System allows you to choose from countless combinations of drawers, and co partments, where everything from inserts, drilling, milling tools as well as measuring and inspection e uipment can be stored.

Electronically lockable tool administration system made up of S sheet metal construction
Full extension drawers (loading capacity per drawer max. 45 kg) with rust free, ball bearing SS slider
Flexible combination of drawer heights and widths Individual partitioning material for drawers
BE/MS software with touch-screen Android enabled Tablet
Can sense the minimum inventory and trigger the message
email for procurement.
Interfaces to external ERP systems /Productivity App
Controlled access on 24X7 basis, ensures controlled storage and dispensing of tools.
Safe storage and management of tools, measuring and test equipment, assembly tools, or supplies.

Benefit of Our BE/MS 2.0 Software :
You can focus on your core business, instead of your time wasting on non­ value adding activities.
Reduce your blocked capital in inventory by lowering the stock level to the minimum possible.
Lower employee costs by reducing personnel in tool management, thus maximising your profit.
Make yam ooling c;osts predictable and systematic, minimise the cost of tooling by extending the life of the tooling.
Customised system of ‘Brahmand2.0’ according to your requirement.
Be assured from our own design, development, manufacturing and reliable after sale service